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My DIY Linux PVR
Sunday, August 21, 2005
  The DVD Drive
In the Master Plan, I mentioned that I would not purchase a DVD recorder and that a DVD reader would suffice. That was based on the assumption that the price differential between readers and writers was on the order of $300 or so. Now that DVD recorder prices have come down to around $100, it makes sense to spend the few extra dollars to give this PVR the ability to store content on removable media. It only makes sense to buy a recorder that supports the -R, +R, -RW and +RW formats. I opted out of dual-layer burning because the technology is relatively knew and probably not supported in Linux. I first consulted the HCL for an SATA DVD-+RW drive that had been previously confirmed compatible. Although NEC has some great drives, fully sported, they are IDE only. Plextor seems to be the only manufacturer with an SATA +-RW entry in the HCL. I chose that one and am crossing my fingers that the #define, recompile kernel hack discussed, works as advertised.

Plextor Black SATA DVD Burner Model PX-712SA/SW-BL
$89.99 - Newegg.com: 4.6 / 5  Add to list
PLEXTOR Type DVD Burner Model PX-712SA DVD-ROM Access ... CD-ROM 48X Form Factor 5" Panel Color Black Load Type Tray Interface SATA Operating Systems ...

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