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My DIY Linux PVR
Sunday, August 14, 2005
  The PSU
I don't really know much about power supply units (PSUs), so I followed the advice of as many reviews as I could. For anyone looking to learn a ton about PSUs and how they work, check out Silent PC Review's Power Supply Fundamentals and Reccommendations. I first looked to the excellent collection of reviews at HTPC News. I don't need anything super powerful support over-clocking. I wanted a PSU with a fan to ensure that when things got heated, the unit would be able to sacrifice a little noise to save my components. This left me with a few options in the $150 range, and a couple in the $50 range. Rather than going with the $50 range item in Silent PC Review's recommendations, I went with a tried and trusted brand Zalman and their ZM300A-APF 300W PSU.

Zalman ZM300A-APF 300W P4 Noiseless Power Supply
$49.00 - Best Byte Computers: Reviews  Add to list
With the goal of enhancing the computing environment, all
Zalman Tech products are noise-free. This product is a noise-free 300W ATX (version 2.03) / ATX12V ...

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