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My DIY Linux PVR
Monday, November 21, 2005
  Booting Gentoo 2005.1 (2.6.12)
For some odd reason, my SATA DVD Burner does not like to mount as a boot device. doscsi and noatpi options didn't help at all. Luckily I had an old IDE DVD reader lying around. Hopefully support for this device can configured, though I've read that the Plextor 712SA can be problematic.

First I tried rollling my own kernel without the help of genkernel. That may have worked well, I was pretty carefull to add support for all the new hardware I have, but initially formatting the root and boot partitions as JFS was a big mistake. I hear a lot of people using JFS for thier media partitions, so I figured I would just go JFS all the way. Grub really did not like that idea. I also had problems with JFS on the root partion. One reformat with ext2 on /boot and ext3 on /, 1 stock humungo genkernel built kernel later and my first successfull boot was made.
Hey, I was just wondering what problems you faced with jfs being /. I have had Gentoo on my laptop running jfs on all partitions except /boot and am having all sorts of problems with /home getting currupted. Also my desktop had issues with getting Gentoo on it and I'm wondering if it was a jfs related issue. The problem I am having is that it boots to run level 3 and then locks up. A restart won't mount any of the partitions, they are all corrupt and require re formatting.

I'm using my old blogger login but I think all the info there is out of date. You can reach me at seth@sethsblog.com if you decide the reply.
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