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My DIY Linux PVR
Sunday, November 27, 2005
  Linksys Bait and Switch
Linksys decided to silently change chipset manufacturers for v4 of thier wmp54g PCI card. This is too bad for me becuase although ndiswrapper support is great for Broadcom cards, RaLink 2500 Windows 64 drivers suck. They either refuse to load or cuause kernel panics. Others have had similar difficulty with the RaLink "native" Linux drivers downloadable from thier site.

I think I'll sell the wmp54g on eBay tomorrow and make my life easier with an Orinoco or Prism PCI card.
The fact that networking products change chipsets without any outward indications can be a huge headache. This is a problem that networking device makers need to address in their product naming -- with at least a ver. or rev. addition to the product name (the kind of thing that might show up in an ebay listing) or an updated model number.

I was looking at a Belkin 802.11g PC card for a PowerBook -- some of these are OS X 10.4 compatible depending on the chipset, but it's impossible to figure out which chipset a card has before buying it.
Thank god for the Ndiswrapper Wiki, Gentoo Wiki and Gentoo Forums. Without these, we would all be adrift in a see of products made by one company and sold by another.
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