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My DIY Linux PVR
Monday, November 21, 2005
  Real OS Installation Begins
Today I begin the harrowing journey of installing Gentoo and MythTV on my PVR. I read an article in this month's Linux Journal which detailed some of the amazing features now available in MythTV. Web based recording schedule management, automatic transcoding to DVD, automatic commercial skipping are the most attractive to me. The killer feature though, free and unrestricted recording format is the primary reason for my switch. I was disappointed that none Windows based time-shifting software packages (except GBPVR), allowed you to transfer content from one machine to another. I don't want to upload every episode of Lost through Bittorrent to single-handedly bring down Apple Corp's sales of the program, I just want to take content on the go, onto my laptop or occasionally email snippets and segment to my family. Who han't been at the water cooler talking about last week's SNL and wished that they could email a 5 minute clip for those who missed it?
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